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NHS Prescriptions

  • Step 1
  • We will phone, email or text you when your prescription is due. You can also simply call our dedicated pharmacy team or order your medication online.
  • Step 2
  • When your prescription is ready we will collect it from your doctors surgery or they will electronically send it to us.
  • Step 3
  • Our Pharmacy team will dispense your prescription which will then be delivered for free straight to your preferred address.
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NHS Prescriptions

WelPharm, making your NHS prescriptions simple and easy

For patients with NHS repeat prescriptions we offer a free bespoke collection and delivery service tailored to you. WelPharm Pharmacy offers a new reliable solution for people using regular medication to have their repeat prescriptions delivered direct to their doorstep. We will arrange delivery of your medication direct from our Pharmacy without you having to visit the doctor so you will no longer have to wait in a queue, for a bus or rely on somebody else. With our free reminder service, we’ll contact you by phone, text or email to inform you that your prescription is due. You can also order any time by phoning or e-mailing our dedicated team. It is quick and easy to register, so start making your repeat prescriptions simple and easy.

Free prescription reminder

With regards to our free reminder service, we’ll contact you by phone, text or email to notify you that a repeat prescription is due. Alternatively, you can contact our dedicated pharmacy team any time by phone or online. As soon as your order is placed it will then be processed and delivered to your chosen address. This can be your home, a carer, neighbour or your place of work. Whatever is suitably to you we will ensure that it is taken care of.

Benefits of using WelPharm

  • Reliable, simple and easy
  • Free reminder service
  • Free delivery and collection

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