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Why Use Us?

WelPharm Pharmacy : Professional, Dependable and Trustworthy

The concept of the online pharmacy is in direct conjunction with the governments plans and their healthcare advisors in the aim of modernising the NHS and improving access to healthcare. The success of the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) which connects doctors and pharmacists electronically for the first time will significantly change pharmacy practices in the UK for good.

Our vision at WelPharm Pharmacy is at the centre of this new age of pharmacy. Our aim is to combine the values of a exceptionally well run pharmacy, old fashioned customer service, expert advice and determination to care with the convenience and discretion the internet offers. To ensure every single patient gets the best possible healthcare experience from the simple click of a finger or from a phone call safe in the knowledge that they are dealing with a highly experienced, trusted pharmacy team.

WelPharm Pharmacy is registered with the GPhC (Reg No. 9010255), which means all our working practises and products meet the standards of the General Pharmaceutical Council which are routinely monitored.

Because we are online and we deliver for free straight to your doorstep you will get more choice than your average high street pharmacy and we are open all hours so you will never have to endure a long queue, bad weather or another car park.

We are a NHS contracted UK pharmacy and we manage, dispense and deliver repeat prescriptions all across the UK. We specialise in the home delivery of medicines from our modern, large dispensing facility. It is run by UK registered Pharmacists with many years of experience, dispensing technicians and a friendly services team, committed to making repeat prescriptions easier and reliable for all our patients.

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